Day 1

Theory Part 1 (3 hours)

Pre-Production (meeting with clients, preparation of concepts, storyboarding, scouting)

Production (Creative filming techniques, making the most with your gear, lighting and sound)

Q & A Session (15 minutes)

Theory Part 2 (3 hours)

Post-Production (DSLR workflow, Introduction to Time-Shift-Editing, colour grading, scoring)

Creativity & Marketing (Visual samples)

Q & A Session (15 minutes)

Day 2

Practice Part 1 (4 hours on location)

Theory into practice (live filming on location)

Q & A Session (15 minutes)

Practice Part 2 (2 hours)

Post–Production from workshop footage

Sample Same-Day-Edit

Q & A Session (no limit)                                       1-855-856-2362                            

Exclusive Segment for São Paulo Workshop only:

“Producing Preeya & Pramod”

Learn how to produce an Instant-Edit with Impact!