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As a child, Riccardo Marrone was fascinated by video, and spent most of his time filming home movies with the family camcorder. At the age of 14, while vacationing with his family in Italy, he became inspired to capture the countries beauty on tape, realizing his interest in filming. At the age of 19, he turned his passion into profession when he started Marrone Video in 1998 with his brother Domenic from their home basement. In 2003, Riccardo’s soon-to-be wife Tanya joined the company and together opened a studio, allowing them to better accommodate their growing clientele.

2006 became a pivotal year for Marrone when they began to receive international recognition as industry leaders for their vision and creativity. Since then, Riccardo and his professional team of full-time cinematographers have helped raise the bar in the wedding and commercial films. By combining storytelling with real-life situations in a unique cinematic form, Marrone has become more than just a brand, but a style in itself.

Riccardo Marrone