Announcing the start of an international workshop tour for event cinematographers!

For over fifteen years Marrone Video Productions has developed its talent and techniques to meet an ever growing expectation. It’s evolution, spearheaded by it’s founder Riccardo Marrone, has caused an industry buzz, emulating for future progression into it’s technical development. With his imaginative and loyal team, Riccardo has pushed the envelope on quality, presentation, and customer satisfaction. His films strive to be no less than mini Hollywood productions, allowing a bride and groom to feel like stars meant for the red carpet.

Now for the first time, the Marrone team will reveal the secrets behind their cinematic films, educating event cinematographers around the world to develop creative skills they need to succeed. This workshop is designed to cover all the fundamental aspects of production, from theory to practice, with emphasis on DSLR workflow.                                       1-855-856-2362